Transportation from Graechen to Geneva on Sept 4


Will there be any type of shuttle service offered from Graechen to Geneva on Sept 4?


Yes, a bus will leave Graechen to Cervinia and you can book a seat on it here:


Apologies - I didn’t read the question correctly.
There is no bus arrange. This is because it is super easy to use public transport.
See this:

(or if that doesn’t work, search from here: )

It looks to cost CHF 44 and takes 4 hours with a bus from Grachen post office down to the valley and then train directly to the airport. You cannot buy a ticket yet though - too far in advance.

Journey: Grächen, Post to Geneva Airport
Date: 04.09.16

Connection 1
dep 12:09 Grächen, Post
arr 16:09 Genève-Aéroport
Duration 4:00 , Changes 2


Thank you very much. Very helpful. Long schlep back to GVA!


I’ll be returning to Geneva on that date as well, if you are looking for some travel company.


Hi Helen,
Great! Claudia, another stage racer, is also making the trek back to Geneva on the morning of the 4th. We can figure out the schedule together.


Hi guys!
See a seperate post on the forum. I’ve booked a taxi on Sunday morning at 05:30 to go from grachen to Visp to take the train from there to Geneva airport.
If you’re interested in sharing the taxi, just let me know.
See you all soon! Hanno