Tracks from gps tracker


is the gps tracker, or some linked system, recording the tracks and would it be possible to have those own tracks afterwards? would be interesting to analyze later on and my garmin doesn’t run as long as i will. :slight_smile:

#2 could provide tracks for this, they did ;ast year and will ask about these year, but it’s recording every 1 minute at most and sometimes even less, so not like a watch.


thanks, every min is still sufficient. looking forward to receiving their reply


Yes, they will provide this for you some time after the event.


that’s fine. thank you for asking them.


hi again,

do you know, when and how we can receive the tracks!



hi, do we have any news on the tracks, they wanted to provide?


Hi Fredo,
try these:


It’s a track point every 10 minutes, but still better than nothing. Thank you, Richard!


Yes, otherwise the battery can’t last for the 3 or 4 day period. Good enough for us to locate people and direct lost people! Makes the route appear much shorter however!