Tiring and technical part of UTMR


Hello to everybody!

My question regarding the trail of UTMR: which is/are in your opinion the most tiring and technical part of the UTMR. I will run the Ultra 116km.

As tiring , if I see the altimetry, I could hypothesize the climb from Alagna to Colle del Turlo and from Macugnaga from Passo di Monte Moro.

Thank you in advance.


Dario, those are both long climbs. Turlo climb angle is not so great (Roman and wartime ‘road’). To Monte Moro is a hard work climb. The descent from Turlo is difficult because of the stone trail. It is long and it is not easy. The first 1 km after Monte Moro is also a little technical so take care. After Saas Fee, then these km through forest go on for a long time on climbing and falling trails. It’s great, but it is definitely not a flat easy run home.