Supporters coming to checkpoints


I’m doing the single stage ultra and my girlfriend will be travelling with me.
We’re planning on hiring a car, as we’ll be doing sometravelling around Italy after the race. My GF was planning on driving around the course and meeting me at checkpoints as my support crew.

A few questions:

  1. Is this allowed?
  2. Is anyone else planning on doing this?
  3. The driving in between checkpoints looks pretty excessive (Google Maps suggesting around 600km of driving), so whcih points would you recommend missing out - I was thinking of suggesting just meeting me at Gressoney and Macugnaga (i.e. the ends of the stage race sections)


Hi Rich, Would your girlfriend be interested in having passengers? If so we can open this out to other’s who’d share the cost.
@lizzy.hawker please suggest what is possible in terms of reaching checkpoints.


Hi Richard,

Support is allowed at designated checkpoints yes. Not in between. No muling, no pacing.

Driving is excessive, yes, often quicker by foot! You can see the supporters page here with some info on suggested driving routes:

My advice is for your girlfriend to aim to meet you at one checkpoint - perhaps Alagna and then go directly to Grächen. But check the driving times. As an alternative it is possible she could meet you at both Gressoney and Macugnaga.

Good luck!


Thanks for the replies.

I’m sure we could open it up to anyone else who’s interested. She’d possibly appreciate the company for the driving.

There’d be no cost involved for others, as we’ll have the hire car anyway - but it would be on the proviso that my GF is there to support my race (i.e. moving on to the next checkpoint based on my race times).

My current thoughts are her meeting me at Gressoney and Macugnaga (plus possibly Saas Fee), but I need to put a race plan together with expected splits and compare that to the driving time in between (which, as you say Lizzy, can sometimes be slower than running it!).


Times from point to point summarised.