Route / directions


How will / will the route be marked in any way? I have just recced the Ultra 116 route and there were a couple of locations where it was not possible to follow the GPS track (e.g. leaving Gressoney-la-Trinité where the official route appears to be closed)


Hi Mark,
Lots of little bits of the route have been changed and updated across all of the GPS files. Sorry you have problems finding your way.
I’ve updated the 116 page with the following files. Please have a look and let me know if they are usable for you.

Will update new profile etc here in the next couple of days here:


Hi Mark,

And the route will be well marked with fluorescent orange ribbons with reflective strips. GPS / maps are just an extra!


Hi Lizzy / Richard,

That’s great. I’ll check out the new GPX file over the coming days but it the course is to be marked, even I should be able to follow it :wink:

Many thanks,