Recommended equipment for UTMR


As a mountain race in possibly difficult weather conditions, the equipment you choose for the race is vital. The obligatory / mandatory equipment list is given here:

If you have questions or comments about equipment, please start it here or make your own post.


Hi. My trail shoes just died so I am looking at what to replace them with - do you have any information about the trail or surface that might help e.g. heavy grip like x-talon needed, or more trail shoe e.g. roclite? A personal choice obviously but any tips welcome, thank you.

PS Can’t wait to see those beautiful mountains!


Hi Viv - I used Inov-8 Roclite 295 on the recent training camp. On day three my feet were feeling pretty tired, and a stronger (thicker) shoe sole would have helped to protect my feet from rocks. Depends what your feet are used to. Grip is probably not the biggest issue overall.