Life Bases / drop bags for 170km Ultra


Hello, I notice the 116km has two LIfe Bases. Could you tell me where the Life Bases are for the Ultra 170km please?
And what are the weight’s / dimension? Also is it the same bag that gets transported on or do we have more than one bag?
Thanks Nicky


Hi Nicky,

We don’t call any of the checkpoints Life Bases?

At race registration you will be given 4 dropbags (size approx. 400 x 450 mm). These will be transported to and available for you in Zermatt, Gressoney, Alagna, Macugnaga. Only these official dropbags can be used. No bag “follows” you during the race, the driving distances are simply to big. These are four separate dropbags.

I hope that answers your question?

best wishes,


Hi Lizzy,
I didn’t know what to call the CP’s and the previous discussion had called them Life Bases! Many thanks for the information; it all makes very good sense. Thanks for the very quick reply.
Best wishes, Nicky


You’re welcome! An information email coming soon will hopefully clarify everything :slight_smile:
Looking forward to welcoming you in September!