GVA Geneva airport to Cervinia August 30


Hi UTMR’ers: My daughter and me will be arriving at the GVA airport on Tuesday August 30 at 10:10am and will take a small rental car to drive to Cervinia. We can take 1 or 2 extra passengers in turn of share in cost of travel.
In the morning of Tuesday September 6, we will leave from Cervinia with same car and drive to Belgium (Lokeren/Sint-Niklaas). Route we’ll take is still in consideration as we want to make it a little road trip. (We are coming from USA and will be visiting friends/family in France and Belgium after the race before flying back to Los Angeles) Let me know if you’d like to share in the ride.


Hello Ann

Me and my friend fly into Geneva on the 30th, we will get in at 2.00pm, and are looking to get to Cervinha for the race. As the transport system looks crazy.

Is it possible to catch a lift with you? it is just the 2 of us with 1 bag each. We are happy to share any costs, petrol, tolls etc.

Please let me know.


Hello Connor,
as for now I already have two extra passengers as requested by the race director this morning. If for some reason this will not work out, then I will contact you for sure.
It’s indeed not so easy to get from the Geneva airport to Cervinia with public transportation, that’s why I ended up reserving a car at a rental company at the airport. Google maps says it’s about 2-3 hr drive while public transportation is about 6-7 hrs. Then a shuttle service would cost me more than a rental car. Next year with the full tour it will be so much easier going in and out of Grachen!