Grächen to Cervinia hike questions


If you have questions about the Grächen to Cervinia hike option, please ask by replying here.


Two people are interested in this option on Monday 5th September (instead of Sunday 4th). Any more interest for the Monday?


We are potentially interested in the hike on either 4th or 5th September. If there are enough interested, do you think you may put on a shuttle bus from Cervinia to airport, the following day?


If the interest is there. I’m sorry though, it is unlikely. This is primarily an option for people needing to return to their car in Cervinia. If you need to return to an airport then the most efficient way is with public transport directly from Grächen. See for timetables and fares.


I’m interested in the hike extention. But what happens in case of cancellation because of bad weather conditions ? Do you provide a backup plan for us ?
Thanks !


Hi Luc - I would assume if weather is too bad, then bus to Cervinia from Grächen if it is to return to a vehicle.
@lizzy.hawker will have a better idea.