Car sharing for supporters


The organisation does not provide transport for supporters between checkpoints or stage nights, however, it may be possible to find other people to share a car with. If you are interested in sharing a car and sharing the cost with others, please add your name / location etc. below.


I think I am alittle premature with my question. Will there be anyone heading from Cervinia to Grachen? Would like to car share…


Let’s see… maybe some people will drive to various checkpoints on the way, maybe some will go to the finish. Likely to see more activity here in July as people start to prepare more.


After 116km Ultramarathon start on 2nd Sep morning 10.30am, I need to travel to Geneva. I find crossing over from Cervinia in Italy to Switzerland side is not easy and found 2 options that required several transfers between bus, train and cab.
If anyone heading to Geneva on 2nd Sep or got knowledge of faster and cheaper way of getting to Geneva. Please let me know.
I do not mind car sharing from Cervinia to Grachen. This will allow me to get easier direct access to the Swiss train network.


Let’s see how this unfolds - there is some demand for the same journey directly to the finish of the Ultra, so if you take that and get out in Martigny, its a straight train ride into the airport. Let’s wait a little longer when people have finalised their transport plans.


Hi team,
one of our friends is coming to support us on the 3-stage race.

is anyone having a seat on the car for the transfer from stage to stage ??
Cervinia- Gressoney, Gressoney-Macugnana, Macugnana - Grachen

many thanks
Josep (runner 706)


@Ant_Emmet you may have some idea…