Camping in Grächen


Just found out that the camping site in Grächen is closed this season. We will arrive with a camper van (VWBus). Is there a place (parking space) where we can park and sleep on Tuesday 5th and Saturday 9th in Grächen? If not we will go to the nearest camping site.


OK. There is definitely parking in the “Parking Silo” in Grachen, but narrow/difficult to enter and could of course be full. In St Niclaus there is parking by the station and it is 10 minutes drive up to Grachen. For this you should probably get a 3 euro ticket from the local government office… let me know if you need. I will ask with Grchen tourism and post the answer back here.


“No officially sanctioned place in Grachen to sleep in a camper van. The Swiss can be fairly strict. Better to stay outside the village…” is the latest advice. So maybe drive up and scout the road and return to the best place you see. Sorry can’t be more helpful!


Angie Amstutz

Parkplatz Wiesengrund

3925 Grächen

Tel.: +41 78 638 14 27

Armin Andenmatten

Restaurant Casa Rustica

3925 Grächen

Tel.: +41 27 956 32 52

Both are near from the Hannigalpbahn.